Fertility charting course

Fertility awareness course for holistic practitioners



Know your patient’s ovulation

Read her hormonal levels

Support her fertility holistically


The “Hands on charting” course is an online course reserved to holistic practitioners (health coaches, midwifes, nutritionists, herbalists, massage therapists, yoga teachers, counselors, doulas, energy and holistic practitioners,…) to support their client’s gynecological health, their wellness and their fertility.



This course will allow you to:


Is she ovulating? And when?


Are the hormones balanced for optimal fertility and health?
Or are they causing PMS, pain, risk of miscarriage, and many other conditions?


It is like switching on the light: you know how to support the cycle, when to plan sessions to maximise results


Is your support effective?
You and your client read it clearly in chart, improving compliance and motivation


That’s what empowerment does: the woman (and the man) understand their body, the menstrual cycle, how to optimise fertility and health.
You help them find hope and autonomy.




You gain this knowledge in a clear, concise and cost effective way.
This cost effective training provides you with a strong foundation to understand and integrate chart reading in your practice while effectively networking with the practitioners in your community and broadening your client base.



The content will include:

CHART YOUR OWN CYCLES (if you do not have menstrual cycles, those of a woman close to you)

– Chart reviews and case studies from the instructor and the participants

– What is Fertility awareness ? (different methods and networks available)

– All about the menstrual cycle (in depth reproductive anatomy and physiology)

The symptoms of fertility, and how to correctly observe and register them (cervical mucus, basal temperature and in option cervix changes)

– The chart and its use both for the couple and the practitioner

– All you ever wanted to know about the cervix (and if you didn’t want to know, why you should absolutely)

– The signs of fertility and infertility : chart variations and reading for fertility support

– How to adapt natural fertility enhancement treatments and support according to the chart

– The psychlogy of charting for fertility support: maximize help and minimize anxiety potential



What are my qualifications to propose this fertility awareness program?

Cecilia GautierMy name is Cecilia Gautier. As a fertility awareness consultant and a certified Arvigo® practitioner, my wish is to share my experience blending these 2 beautiful holistic tools to support couples with fertility challenges. I am passionate about explaining in a simple way complicated hormonal and cycle transformations.

I followed a 2 year training with INER Italy to become a certified FAM instructor. INER has a database of more than 600.000 charts, and shares the symptothermal method that was invented by Dr Roetzer in Austria. It is effectively used as a diagnosis an empowerment tool for fertility support and natural family planning. I am teaching women, couples and professionals since 2014.

I completed a training in Restorative Reproductive Medecine (similar to NaproTechnology) at the University of Medecine of Lyon, France. It is a tool to aid doctors and midwifes to restore fertility instead of bypassing it in cases of fertility challenges. This allows me to add a strong understanding of the medical support of natural cycles and fertility and better assist the medical professions in their task to help women and couples.

I focus in supporting holistically the feminine reproductive health, blending natural and energetic therapies.

I support clients presenting difficult conditions with lifestyle support, aromatherapy, the Arvigo® techniques and chart analysis daily in my practice in Italy, and abroad with educational online support.






When, how and how much?

The course is completely online and includes 9 video modules and assignments which can be studied autonomously. 

In addition, for those who have attended the course, it will be possible to attend a cycle of online group meetings for Q&A sessions and case/charts reviews. The session will be open to women’s support practitioners only and it will probably start in Autumn 2022. For more informations please write to info@lamandorla.eu.

If an additional support is needed, I am also available, under request, for individual appointments online.

Just for Arvigo® practitioners:
A bonus lesson is included just for you:
Exactly how and when to adapt ATMAT (castor oil packs, steams, protocol and self care), depending on the signs of fertility and intercourse written on the chart.

790 EUR for the whole course which includes all of the online material.

The group meetings have a separate cost (for more informations please write to info@lamandorla.eu).

The individual support appointments with me cost 100 EUR/hour. You can schedule it by sending an email to info@lamandorla.eu.




The full program is:DSC_0052

Charting basics
1 – How to observe and register the cycle and the symptoms of fertility
2 – Anatomy and physiology of the menstrual cycle

Diving into fertility symptoms
3 – Progesterone and the temperature
4 – The cervix and cervical mucus

The art of interpreting charts
5 – Optimal chart interpretation
6 – Chart variations (bleeding, mucus and temperature patterns)

Fertility support with charting
7 – The pillars of fertility support : couple’s support and timeframe
8 – Networking for fertility support and charting

Case studies
Fertility support in practice: chart reviews and support strategies with ATMAT

Bonus for Arvigo® practitioners
Fertility support with ATMAT : Standard protocol for fertility support and adapting the PCT guidelines, the self care, v-steams and COP instructions to the charts of each client.



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