Eredità matrilineare

You are supporting women as an holistic practitioner?

- you would love to feel more confident in your ability to chart and read charts?

- you would like to offer a higher level of comprehension and understanding of fertility awareness, particularly for fertility clients?

- you wish to work with clients' charts as a tool to help them better understand what is going on in their bodies, and how to support their cycle balance as a practitioner?

- you wonder why a pattern in a woman's cycle might look like it does and why it is different for another woman?

- you wish to know what charting tells us specifically about hormonal imbalances, ovulation, chances of conception and risks of miscarriage, and how you can specifically tailor your sessions with your clients according to their specific menstrual cycles?


Learn how the fertility awareness can help your community with the FREE MASTERCLASS for holistic practitioners “9 key points to know before supporting clients with fertility awareness”  !


And then you can dive deeper into the topic with the 4-months online course "Hands on charting for fertility support practitioners"




I help holistic practitioners

read and respect the menstrual cycle

to naturally support their client's fertility.

Cecilia Gautier