Cecilia GautierHello, my name is Cecilia Gautier!

I am committed to share the knowledge to read the menstrual cycle and the tools to naturally support it.

I am passionate about explaining in a simple way complicated hormonal and cycle transformations, and how to naturally support fertility and intimate health.

My trainings?
I am a fertility awareness educator. I followed a 2 year training with INER Italy to become a certified FAM instructor of the Roetzer symptothermal method.
INER has a database of more than 600.000 charts, and a Pearl index of 0,1 in perfect use and 0,8 in typical use (number of unintended pregnancy for 100 women over 1 year). It is also effectivly used as a diagnosis and empowerment tool for fertility support. INER shares the symptothermal method that was invented by Dr Roetzer in Austria. I am teaching women, couples and professionals since 2014.

I completed a training in Restorative Reproductive Medecine (similar to NaproTechnology) at the University of Medecine of Lyon, France. It is a tool to aid doctors and midwifes to medically restore fertility instead of bypassing it in cases of fertility challenges. This allows me to add a strong understanding of the medical support of natural cycles and fertility and better assist the medical professions in their task to help women and couples.
* I am not a doctor, but an educator.*

I focus in supporting holistically the feminine reproductive health, blending natural and energetic therapies, support of the chakra system and aromatherapy. I completed my training becoming a certified and advanced pregnancy practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® in order to aid digestive and reproductive health supporting the optimal uterus position and abdominal circulation, and followed Innate Postpartum Care Certification training to deepen the rest of the child-bearing continuum, apart from pre-conception.

I support clients presenting difficult conditions with ATMAT and chart analysis daily in my practice in Italy, and abroad with educational online support.

Some personal experiences led me to deepen the psychosomatic, emotional and energetic aspects of women. These aspects, too often, lead to physical manifestations such as intimate pain, menstrual difficulties and other symptoms that form part of the everyday life of many women.

I share powerful tools and knowledge during in-presence and online workshops for holistic therapists and professionals working with women, such as midwifes, nutritionists, herbalists, yoga teachers, doulas, etc, to create network and dialogue on these topics, for an integrated and holistic support of women’s health.

* The symptothermal method helps to understand a woman’s cycle in a very precise manner, as self-knowledge or to help diagnose problems (to be deepened by medical support). It can be used to help conception or to avoid it (in this case it is as effective as the pill, when it is taught and followed correctly).


Contact details:

Cecilia Gautier
Centro La Mandorla, via Fieschi 2/20, Genova, Italia

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