Advanced case studies group program

Fertility awareness tools for fertility support practitioners




This “Advanced case studies group program” is reserved to the practitioners who have followed the “Hands on charting” course. It is:

– a 4-months online mastermind group

– to share and discuss case studies of natural fertility and menstrual support, including charts

– to go further after the “Hands on charting” course, to improve your chart reading skills, your confidence in following fertility clients

– to have the support of the group and the instructor to find creative solutions and other point of views to your case studies or others similar to what you could be faced with in the future.

Reserved to all the pratitioners that are working with women (midwifes, nutritionists, herbalists, massage therapists, yoga teachers, counselors, doulas, energy and holistic practitioners,…) to support their health, their wellness and their fertility.



The content will include:

Continue to CHART YOUR OWN CYCLES (if you do not have menstrual cycles, those of a woman close to you)

4 group calls of 2 hours with Zoom (one per month) – Chart reviews and case studies submitted by the participants

– An online module “The teachings of Restorative Reproductive medicine” to dive further into medical support with charting, and how to work with doctors as holistic fertility practitioners

– An online module “The Roetzer symptothermal method rules for birth control” to dive further into the birth control side of the method.



What are my qualifications to propose this fertility awareness program?

Cecilia GautierMy name is Cecilia Gautier. As a fertility awareness consultant and a certified Arvigo® practitioner, my wish is to share my experience blending these 2 beautiful holistic tools to support couples with fertility challenges. I am passionate about explaining in a simple way complicated hormonal and cycle transformations.

I followed a 2 year training with INER Italy to become a certified FAM instructor. INER has a database of more than 600.000 charts, and shares the symptothermal method that was invented by Dr Roetzer in Austria. It is effectivly used as a diagnosis an empowerment tool for fertility support and natural family planning. I am teaching women, couples and professionals since 2014.

I completed a training in Restorative Reproductive Medecine (similar to NaproTechnology) at the University of Medecine of Lyon, France. It is a tool to aid doctors and midwifes to restore fertility instead of bypassing it in cases of fertility challenges. This allows me to add a strong understanding of the medical support of natural cycles and fertility and better assist the medical professions in their task to help women and couples.

I focus in supporting holistically the feminine reproductive health, blending natural and energetic therapies, support of the chakra system and aromatherapy. I completed my training becoming a certified and advanced practitioner of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® in order to aid digestive and reproductive health supporting the optimal uterus position and abdominal circulation.

I support clients presenting difficult conditions with lifestyle support, the Arvigo® techniques and chart analysis daily in my practice in Italy, and abroad with educational online support.



When and how?

The next course will be held between September and December 2020.

The online group meetings are held once a month, typically on tuesdays at 4 PM GMT+1 equivalent to 10 AM EST , to be confirmed depending on the time zones of the participants. The recordings will be sent out to those who cannot attend live. All the participants can submit their case studies prior to the group call.

320 € for the 4-months progam (around 360 USD). This includes the online material and the group sessions on Zoom.
Payable in 1 or 3 payments.



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